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If you are working on any startup or your own startup then you probably know what are coworking spaces. Coworking space is a place where different people like freelancers, founders, or entrepreneurs work together under the same roof, but not for the same company. Businessmen or corporates are moving towards co-working because working from home is not an easy job. Your mind will not be in a position to accept this environment if you want to work professionally. Your daily routine will be missed which one you used to follow.

Coworking spaces are basically shared office workspaces and they provide affordable office spaces for those who want to come out of their comfort zones like a home office or coffee shop.

Wearing a dress & leaving for the office is the main purpose of working. Working from home at midnight while the other family members are sleeping is not work anymore. Tha’s why businessmen and independent workers are moving towards the coworking space industry. Now you might be thinking which coworking Space is best? Before choosing a coworking space, you should consider the following things so that you have not to suffer afterward.

Co-working space gives you the freedom to work without any disturbance & allows you to work with the professional environment. The market of coworking spaces is growing drastically year by year.

These spaces are the perfect place for startups or freelancers because it provides different options to choose from at a very affordable price. You can choose the seating option according to your comfort or which suits you best i.e dedicated seat, plug n play or hot seat. Coworking spaces also provide meeting rooms or conference rooms to their clients to attend important meetings for their startup.

Who Uses Coworking Spaces?


startups consider co-working as a flexible option as they provide offices like amenities including wifi, meeting rooms for client meetings, beverages, printouts, and several activities that entertain employees like indoor games. Many shared office spaces organize events in their space to engage customers.


Shared office space provides the best for freelancers as they have the option to choose their working hours. They choose from flexible hours like day shifts or night on their own. Co-working gives flexibility to freelancers for working in an open environment without any disturbance which feels like working professionally.


The coworking community is growing very fast as the concept is working pretty well. The number of startups and independent workers are growing so they need a space which gives the feel of an office environment so coworking fits best for these type of organization.

Coworking spaces are more preferred nowadays than home offices or coffee shops because these spaces have a different attitude toward success.


As the idea of coworking spaces works great with small organizations and startups so large organizations are also adopting the shared space offices. Global coworking firms like WeWork & many others are targetting large organizations to their coworking spaces.

Large organizations are turning to coworking as the idea of coworking is a plus factor because in terms of managing real estate and costs. As well as the facilities provided by these spaces give an office like feel to the client or worker.

History of Coworking Spaces

The term coworking was evolved in 2005  by a software engineer named Brad Neuberg. Neuberg first used this term for physical space where independent & mobile workers joined together to work in a free environment.

The first coworking space named as Citizen Space which was situated in San Francisco. In 2007, there were nearly 75 spaces in the world & the great news is that- the number of spaces is growing double to triple year by year globally. If we talk about co-working statistics through Statista’s, there are currently 19,000 coworking spaces around the world. The stats growing day by day & going to reach nearly 26,000 by 2025.

Tips To Consider To Find a Better Coworking Space

If you are planning to move to shared workspaces or have an idea in mind to shift to a shared desk then first consider a few things before moving to any workspaces.

1. Financial Affordability Should be the First Priority

At the starting days of your business or startup, financial planning is very necessary so before going to choose a shared table, budget, and price tags should be kept in mind. Spending a huge amount of funds in coworking is not a good idea of you are working in your own startup. Keep in mind that the prices of shared desks or private meeting rooms vary as per facilities and location.

2. Coworking Environment

In any shared space, the setup is almost an open space. Visit the workspace first and decide it yourself if you can survive the environment. If you have work which involves mostly speaking with clients over the phone, then this task might distract you and your nearby peoples. So, think twice before choosing a perfect workspace for your business.

3. Choosing the Right Working Space

If you have a small team, then choosing a workspace is an easy job for you. But always ask for some extra arrangement of seats that might be required in the future. So, choosing the right workspace is very necessary because you can get an extra number of seats and space if you want to increase the number of people in your team.

4. Check the Amenities

There are various shared office spaces that provide the greatest facilities to its members. There are many good shared offices that provide great amenities like high-speed wifi, private meeting desks, business lounge, visitor lounge, beverages, and indoor gaming options. So, you must check all the amenities first before moving to any space.

5. Consider The Locality

Visit different coworking companies first and choose the one in which you find the best among all. Check the locality as well as the working environment. If there is no working environment then how you will be able to manage your business so, Choose wisely.

The world of freelancing is growing at its peak and every independent corporate feel free to join the shared spaces because of the benefits of coworking spaces. So, if you are planning to join any workspace near you, first consider the above points.

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