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Are you planning to start your own startup? If yes, then you might be thinking to book a coworking office space? Every startup needs an office space where they can work with a team. A team that should be honestly dedicated to their work. Then, going to a coworking office is a nice idea. Now, the question is how to choose the best as well as cheap coworking space in your area. As there are many coworking spaces nowadays & even google is also flooded with too many shared office space options.

Now, You have many options to choose an affordable coworking office space but there are few things which everyone should consider before choosing an office space. Many people make mistakes while choosing the right office space for their startup or freelancing. Every coworking space must fulfill every small need of clients that is necessary and can affect your working.

How To Choose Right Coworking Office Space For Your Startup?

This article will guide you through the process of choosing the best coworking space for you in your area.

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1. Choose the Best Location to Work from.

Choosing the best location is the hardest part as you have to go for a location which is perfect not only for you but also for your team. A shared office in a flexible location can be a huge plus as it can attract potential customers. You must think a lot before choosing a perfect coworking space as location matters a lot in attracting clients. Many other things should be considered in that location which can attract customers like a parking spot, nearest metro station, bars, malls, etc.

If you are working in a services business, then you must choose a location that will leave a good impression on your first meeting. Or if you are only working online then the nearest location from your home will work.

2. Office Cost (Budget)

When you are going to start a new business or startup, finding office space at an affordable price is must as there are a lot of investments. At first, you must decide how much you are going to invest in coworking space. After that, start searching for the best coworking shared office in your area.

3. Amenities

Yes, a good working environment is necessary but, you must check all the amenities a coworking space is providing. Many shared office spaces will promise you to give all the facilities but in the end, you will find many hidden costs. So, while choosing a best-shared office space in your area, reconfirm all the amenities they are providing.

Everyone needs a workspace where all the basic needs should be fulfilled and gives the feeling of working in a professional office space environment. First, do a complete research of the area where you are planning to choose a coworking space & go and visit all the office spaces in that area. After that, choose the one which is providing the best coworking features.

A good coworking space will have all these amenities including-

  • A fast internet connection: Many coworking promises to provide good facilities like high-speed wifi but they have some ups & downs in their network.
  • Meeting Room Availability: Your startup needs a meeting room to discuss important conversations & strategies with the team so you must check if the coworking space is providing meetings rooms service.
  • Community Events: Few good coworking organize community events weekly or monthly to entertain their clients.
  • Local Facilities: Local facilities are also important. Check if the area includes local cafes, supermarts, or few shops nearby which you may need some time.

4. Working Environment 

The environment of working should be the first priority as working in a noisy environment can create a huge disturbance.  For any freelancer, a noisy coworking where every other coworker is laughing or chatting on the phone, this thing can create a problem for some people.

5. List of Offerings from Coworking

Coworking spaces provide a list of different facilities. Choose which suits you the best:

  • Meeting Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Storage spaces
  • Accessibility
  • Printing & scanning options
  • Community services
  • Business & visitor lounge
  • Event organization spaces

Search for a shared office space that provides all these facilities are important to run a startup or a small business in a local area.

6. Finalize Your Workspace

Once you find the above list of offerings a coworking office space is providing, it’s time to do a little research of the coworking you are going to choose.

  • Do a Google research of the coworking place in your preferred location and compare the prices of all coworking in that area.
  • Check the online reviews. You might find some positive & negative reviews which will help you to know the workspace better.
  • Contact the workspace management team and ask for a visit first or free one-day trial.
  • Contact the community manager & ask for any inquiries or help.

Many good coworking spaces in Delhi often organize community events that may influence & motivate coworkers or the team. A few shared office spaces in Delhi also organize meetings and events from several successful entrepreneurs which is great for networking. You must find a workspace that will motivate you to focus on work so that it will be great for your business or startup.

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