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Virtual Office

Virtual Office

Our Virtual Services

Business Registration

Get your business registered with our virtual office service.

GST Registration

Get professional business presense with Workshala Virtual Office Spaces.​

Professional Business Address

Get professional business presense with Workshala Virtual Office Spaces.

Mail Forwarding

If you're a small business that doesn't have the resources to handle mail, you could ease the burdens on other workers.

Virtual Office in Noida

Get Premium Business Address with Workshala’s Virtual Office in Noida. With Our Customized & Cost-Effective Virtual Office plans, now get company and GST registration within 30 minutes.

Virtual Office

Workshala Offers Virtual Office for Companies in Noida

Workshala has created virtual office space solutions customized to remote workers’ needs. Whether you’re someone who needs privacy or is looking to collaborate, our virtual office space location has precisely what you’re looking for.

Virtual remote work is here to stay, but keeping employees engaged may require businesses to rent professional office space. Remote work can be frustrating when technology doesn’t always agree with us. If you’re an entrepreneur or remote worker who wants the latest in tech and an on-site assistant to help you connect, look no further than Workshala’s virtual office Noida Location.

Workshala helps companies design their contracts and choose what they need for their virtual office space. We offer flexible renting terms for virtual office space, so you can go in for the day, rent an office for the year, and only pay for the space when you use it

Virtual Address for your Business Needs

Get Premium Business Address with Workshala’s Virtual Office in Noida

Find the Perfect Virtual Office Options for you

Take advantage of the flexibility of our virtual office packages. Compare the different services and find the perfect fit for your business, then get in touch with our team to get started.

GST Registration

 Extend Your Business Presence without opting for a physical address. 


 ✔ Get GST For Your New Business.

 ✔ Mailing Address, Courier & Other Services

Business Registration

Get a professional business address for your company at prime location.


✔ Give Your Business The Professional Business Address.

✔ Receive All The Mail On This Address.

Company Registration

 Establish The Instant Availability Of Your Business In Prime Location of Noida.


 ✔ Get Company Registration within 30 minutes.

 ✔ Avail The Service Of Call Handling.


what you get when you purchase Virtual Office services

Mailing Service

Mail and package receipt and storage as a value-added service.

Meeting Room Access

Our Virtual Office plan offers 1 hr of complimentary meeting room per month based on availability.

Storage Space

You get the option to rent a storage space on a monthly rental basis based on the availability of the same

Complimentary Day Passes

Our plan includes 2 complimentary day passes per month based on availability.

Our Packages & Pricing

Our virtual office packages are created to add value to your business and help you grow without the expense and hassle of employing staff or owning your own premises or equipment.

For best offers, call us on 8448449868 or request a call back.

Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual office allows you to access a professional business center’s services and its address without having to physically sit out of that premises virtual office saves the cost drastically as you don’t need to own the premises, and with a low monthly subscription, you can avail the services of Mailing Address, GST Registration Address or Business Registration Address.

Virtual Space provide various services like professional business address, mail handling, courier services, company & GST Registration, Telephone Answering and many more.

Yes, you can whenever you want! Workshala Spaces provides 10 hour of co-working access in a month.

Many business owners work remotely to handle their business through the internet. Virtual Space help business owners to work remotely.