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The term hot desking is very popular these days as you know the process i.e come, have a seat, plug your device and start working. This funda is very much popular and liked by freelancers and younger workers because nobody wants to follow the same routine daily. That is the main purpose of hot desk office space.

What is Hot Desking?

An office organization where there is no particular seat is assigned to any person. The office community has multiple numbers of workers who share the same office environment at different time periods. Hot desking is also a feature of a shared office environment where you have your own freedom to pick any seat and sit wherever you feel good. You can say this is a type of first come, first serve basis seating arrangement.

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The main purpose of a hot-desk nowadays is to work from an open environment where you are feeling good to go & develop skills. One should be more productive in the office & that productiveness comes from great surroundings. Younger workers are liking this concept because of the flexibility of choice given to clients.

In this article, we will discuss all the advantages as well as disadvantages of hot-desking.

Advantages of Hot Desking

1. Flexibility

The meaning of coworking itself is Productivity. As you get your space, furnished table, working environment and beverages. With all these facilities & no burden of running an office space, anyone can easily focus on their work. Every coworker needs a flexible environment where they can work freely & this environment of hot-desk fulfills the need for freelancers.

2. Pricing

Shared Office spaces are providing affordable prices with great facilities. Choose a better coworking office and enjoy the great benefits without any office space burden. One of the biggest factors for choosing a hot-desk office is pricing only.

3. Communication

It helps to connect with other freelancers and communicate with them to learn more by sharing ideas. Hot desk help to build stronger bonds as well as relationship between coworkers.

4. Learning 

Hot desk office space allows you to learn from other coworkers as you do not have any fix seating arrangement. Sharing a desk with a different coworker might help in learning new things and promote better teamwork.

5. Improved Performance

Hot desking has many pros including flexibility, lower pricing, better communication, learning from better staff and more than this i.e improved performance. You will automatically find your improved performance when you work in a better environment with a productive staff.

Hot Desk Office Space Disadvantages

1. Limited Space

With hot desk coworking, you will get your limited space & every staff needs a place where they get their personal space. There is no space for staff to store their belongings and it makes him more unsettled.

2. Lesser Privacy

Everyone needs time to settle and stick in an environment where they can work independently and be more productive. A hot desk coworking environment does not allow you to share any personal space. There will be no privacy in the hot desk office space because you have no particular seat decided to work.

3. Hidden Costs Distractions

Everyone got distracted when they find any hidden costs. Getting distracted from any hidden cost is natural. But not every shared office or coworking space has hidden costs. Choose a good coworking space environment as they do not charge any extra fees.

4. Waste of Time

This can be a waste of time as you have to set up your computer every morning which can cause a delay in work. The problem occurs when you are setting up your laptop, monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Greatest issues arise when your device not able to recognize hardware which causes a lot of time waste. Sometimes, the internet connectivity issue occurs which wastes a lot of time.

5. Zero Teamwork

Due to the freedom with choosing your own space, there is a big disadvantage of hot-desking as the ability to work with your own team totally disappears. You can usually face these challenges in a hot desking coworking space:

  • Limited Space
  • Lesser Privacy
  • Hidden Costs Distractions
  • Waste of Time

Hot desking is a good concept but not every worker likes it. It has advantages and disadvantages too which is making a great difference. Do you like hot desking? If yes, please tell us in the comments below.

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