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Joining a coworking space has a lot of practical advantages. You get networking opportunities, equipment and have access to event spaces. But one of the most significant advantages of using a shared office space is that it can positively affect your lifestyle.

Work-life balance is when you have enough time for work and enough time for your life outside of work. It is important to a lot of people. In a survey, more than half of the people said they would rather have a good work-life balance than be promoted at their job, especially millennials.

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We know that what happens at work affects our lives a lot. So we designed our office to be a place where talented people can have a good work environment. Here are some ways that shared office space can help you have a better work/life balance:

You can choose your best work hours

If you like working the traditional 9-5, then do it. But if you want more flexibility in your schedule, or you want to organize your day in a way that works better for you and your lifestyle, then working 24/7 will be better for you. This level of flexibility means that you can control how much work you do, and how much time you have free. You can do things like run errands, have fun, or go to family events while still being productive according to your own schedule.

Workshala is accessible to members 24/7, so you can work whenever you want. Whether you want to avoid traffic, work late at night, or catch up on work, you get to decide the balance that works best for you.

You gain a support and inspiring work environment

One important part of having a good work-life balance is enjoying your work and having a space that motivates you to do your best every day. The office spaces at Workshala are designed to do just that – inspire greatness. We provide everything you need to get started working on your first day, including furniture, maintenance, and office equipment. This way, you can focus on your work and not worry about setting up your workspace.

Coworking and shared office spaces help people who are doing what they love. When you have a lot of different types of people working in the same space, it creates a special atmosphere that you can only find in coworking spaces. The right kind of motivating environment might make you able to do things you never thought you could before.

You work closer to places that enrich your life

If you pick a coworking space that is in a good location, it will be easier to do things you love outside of work. Things like going to the theatre, taking yoga classes, or going to your favorite lunch spot. Many times it is the convenience of location that gives people the time to do what they love outside of work.

You can take advantage of social opportunities

Though shared office spaces offer great networking opportunities, it isn’t always about work. Sometimes the best way to relax during the week is by grabbing lunch with a friend or going to a social event. Shared office spaces help people feel more connected to others. This makes it easier to make friends at work, which can make you happier in general.

We have events like socials and other events throughout the year. These events help everyone who shares the space get to know each other better.

You maximize your work and leisure time

Technology has changed how we work. With smart devices, our work can come with us wherever we go. It is even harder when we work from home and our house becomes our office.

Technology has changed the way we work. We can use our smartphones and laptops to work from anywhere. Even though this gives us more freedom, it can be hard to stay focused when we are working from home and our homes become our offices.

One of the challenges of working from home is that it can take away your leisure time and make it hard to focus. This can happen when you try to do a little bit here and there. With that routine, not only will your relaxation time be less enjoyable, but the time you spend working will be less effective.

The point is, renting a coworking space gives you a good place to work hard and get a lot done. They also let you choose the kind of workspace that works best for you, both in terms of how you like to work and what will help you succeed professionally.

If you think that a coworking space is only a place to work, you are not understanding everything it can offer. In addition to enjoying your job, it is important to enjoy the environment in which you work. Our spaces can provide a better work-life balance and make the quality of your work improve.

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